A London dry gin is traditionally served chilled in a tall glass with ice cubes and tonic water. A dash of bitters is sometimes added for flavouring.

Gin is distilled and flavoured with various botanical extracts. What makes a London dry gin different from other types of gin?

• The juniper berry is the main ingredient in London dry gins. Juniper berries are dried fruits found inside the outer covering of the common juniper tree.

• Other ingredients include coriander seeds, sweet orange peel, angelica root, and fennel seeds.

• Some gins contain additional botanicals such as citrus peels, cardamom pods, and cinnamon sticks.

It may seem like many ingredients, but when blended together, these flavours give gin its distinctive taste. The best gins tend to have a complex balance of sweet and sour notes, with hints of spice, fruitiness, floral aromas, and bitter undertones.

London dry gin has a unique flavor profile. It's smooth, clean and refreshing. It's full-bodied but light enough to drink neat. It's perfect for mixing cocktails.

London dry gins are made with juniper berries, which give them their characteristic flavor. Other gins may be flavored with different botanicals, but the juniper berry is the key ingredient in London dry gin.

There are many different types of London Dry Gin, but finding the perfect type for you can be difficult. If you are looking to find a gin that is perfect to your liking, then be sure to stop by our online gin store for our top recommendation!

Unique Flavor Profile of London Dry Gin

Unique Flavor Profile of London Dry Gin
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